WordPress Plugins

Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect

The Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect is a WordPress plugin that detects visitors who are visiting your website from a mobile device or tablet and redirects those visitors to a mobile/tablet optimized page of your choice. This plugin uses the most reliable form of detection – PHP user agent detection. Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect detects all the most common mobile smart phones and tablets so you don’t have to worry if your visitor is being redirected to your mobile/tablet optimized page.

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Wordpress Custom Headers

The Only WordPress Plugin that Allows You to Add Custom Header & Footer Code to A Single Page of Your Website!

With the WordPress Custom Headers plugin you finally have the ability to easily add custom header and footer code to a single page of your wordpress website. Use the plugin to add custom CSS and javascript code to a single page, add Google remarketing code to an individual page – not the same code to the entire website and many more possibilities!

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