Learn How To Automatically Add A PayPal Buyer To Your Email AutoResponder!

Paypal is a great solution for selling products/services online to your website visitors. They’re a well recognized shopping cart solution, so consumers feel safe making purchases through their platform.

But, one issue I’ve always had with PayPal as a seller is that they don’t offer any thank you emails, welcome emails, next-step emails, etc. after they buyer has made the purchase.

If you feel the same way… that will change for you today 🙂

Read the step-by-step instructions below on how you can automatically add any PayPal buyer to an email autoresponder and send them automated follow-up messages!

This will save you a TON of time by giving you the ability of manually following up with your new customers – automating the entire process!

First, to do this you must be using GetResponse as your autoresponder/email broadcast solution. If you haven’t heard of GetResponse…then you are missing out on the best autoresponder/broadcast solution on the market (I personally use them). They are at the top of the email marketing industry. Plus, they have some amazing features that most other email marketing solutions don’t, like Social Sharing, Email Intelligence, Time Travel, Online Surveys and many more you can see here – GetResponse features. I use them for my email lists and I HIGHLY suggest you do as well.

Here are the step-by-step instructions –

1. Log into your PayPal Account.

2. Choose “My Account” and click on “Profile”.


3. Click “My selling tools” in the corner and click “Update” in the “Instant Payment Notifications.”


4. Next, click “Choose IPN Settings.”


5. In the Notification URL enter “http://app.getresponse.com/pp_listener.html”, then select “Receive IPN messages” and click the save button.


6. You will see the effect of your previous steps.


7. Go back to your PayPal profile and create a new “Buy Now” button.


8. Click the “Step 3:” section near the bottom, to open expand the content.


9. Click the bottom check-box called “Add advanced variables” and enter this piece of code “custom=campaign_name”. You will replace “campaign_name” with the actual campaign name of the campaign inside you GetResponse account where you would like to add the buyer.

10. Click create button and now you have a product or service that is integrated with your email list. Now, setup a welcome email autoresponder so after the purchase your new buyer will receive instructions, a thank-you email, login information or whatever you’d like them to receive!


It’s that simple, just 10 easy steps!

And, yes this is 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act because they are buying a product/service from you and you are emailing them about that purchase.

If you have any questions, make sure you ask in the comments below.

To Your Success,

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20 thoughts on “Learn How To Automatically Add A PayPal Buyer To Your Email AutoResponder!

  1. Your instructions are written better than the official ones on the GetResponse website — I appreciate it.

    I assume this works just the same with a “subscriptions” button as well? (meaning, a recurring payment button)


  2. I was trying to use mail chimp to do this, but my marketing guy has not been able to find a solution..

    BUT: my question stems from this, I am using S2 member plugin to create my membership site. i am then using S2member to generate my paypal subscription button, as it sets the level of membership.

    How would I then integrate this get response solution, and does get response have auto responder capabilities?


    • Hey Paul,

      Here is a video where you can see how to integrate Paypal and your Aweber account – https://help.aweber.com/entries/21697302-How-Do-I-Integrate-PayPal-With-AWeber

      The only issue with Aweber is even if the contact purchases a product or service from you, Aweber will make them confirm their email before any email, even a thank-you, email is sent. This is one reason I left Aweber a long time ago for GetResponse. Aweber is too strict with their confirmation processes because they target too many “shady” online marketers.

      Is it just me or does every business I shop at ask me for my email at the checkout process? When I give it to them, they send me an email without confirmation. So, why does Aweber make this a must? Seems a little silly too me 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post!

    I was wondering if this will work even if you don’t have buy now buttons for all products, but as a catch all for all payments received?

    I sell through Ebay and all my sales go through Ebay system. In other words I don’t(can’t) create individual buy now buttons


    • Hey Hagen – When you receive an email from a sale through ebay… who does the email come from? Does it come from the same ebay email address every time? Or does it come from the buyers email?

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