How To Track Your Marketing Efforts

Track Your Marketing EffortsWhenever you embark on a new marketing initiative to grow your business, you MUST track and measure the results! Otherwise, how else would you know if you should continue with that marketing effort or move on to a new one? How would you be able to figure out the ROI?

Some marketing efforts are much easier to track & measure than others. For example, if you send out 1,000 coupons in a mailer to your local community and 100 customers come into your store to use that coupon, you now know that marketing effort had a 10% conversion rate. Plus, you know have the ability to figure out the ROI for that coupon mailout and you can now determine if you should continue or cancel that marketing effort.

But, what happens if you want to run a marketing campaign where you send the “potential buyer” to your website or any other location on the web. How can you track if the website visitor came from your marketing piece or another channel?

Most business owners think that this is impossible. But, it’s actually easier than you thought. Google offers a free service called “Google URL Shortner”. What Google’s URL shortner does is it gives you a unique “short” URL (like this: which redirects you to a URL of your choice. But, the best part and most important part about this service is it tracks how many visitors came to your URL from that “short URL”.

Watch the video below to see how to create a Google “short URL”.

Now that you have the ability to create a URL which is tracked, you want to use this new “short URL” for every marketing effort you create that sends the “potential buyer” to a website. Why? Because, you now have the ability to track & measure that marketing effort, where before if you sent them directly to a website you didn’t.

Remember, every time you send out or post a new marketing effort where you are sending the “potential buyer” to the same URL…make sure you create a new “short URL” so your data doesn’t overlap.

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