How to Add A Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 161 million users on LinkedIn, you need a way for your profile to stand out from all the other profiles/competition on LinkedIn! In the video below, I show you step-by-step instructions on how to add a video to your LinkedIn profile.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Go to (create an account if you don’t have one)

3. Upload a PowerPoint Presentation (if you don’t have PowerPoint, download a blank presentation here)

4. Hover over the person icon and click on “My Uploads”

5. Click “Edit” on your uploaded presentation

6. Click on the “Insert YouTube Video”

7. Copy & Paste the YouTube URL in the “Enter YouTube video URL” box

8. Select “Before Slide 1” from the dropdown box

9. Click “Insert & Publish”

10. Head back to your LinkedIn account and hover over the “More” tab and select “Get Applications”

11. Scroll down until you find the “SlideShare Presentation” application and click on it

12. Click “Add Application”

13. Login in with your SlideSahre username and password

14. All Done! View your LinkedIn profile and you will see your video automatically playing inside your LinkedIn profile! (remember, you can move your videos location inside your profile)

If you have any questions or get stuck trying to upload your video to LinkedIn, please ask us by leaving a comment below. We will be glad to help!

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29 thoughts on “How to Add A Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. steven on said:

    Youtube Video in linkedin slide is not working it display loading video on black screen but no video running.

    On slideshare, video is running correctly.

  2. JanetW on said:

    Hi Eric,

    I’m not understanding something. I think it’s similar to the first commenter’s question.

    You say create a presentation in PowerPoint, then upload a YouTube video. Is this sequence required because Slide Share needs a PowerPoint presentation into which you then put the YouTube video?

    If so, isn’t the following a missing step: “Create a YouTube video, or find a YouTube video you want to put on your site.”?

    It sounds like LinkedIn can handle a SlideShare file, so that if you want to get a video into LinkedIn, you need to put a YouTube video into a PowerPoint file that you have already put into SlideShare. Then you upload to LinkedIn the SlideShare presentation (the one with the video that is inside the PowerPoint file).

    Is that true?

    And another question:

    Can you put a non-YouTube video into PowerPoint and then into SlideShare so that a non-YouTube video will be on your LinkedIn profile?

    • Hi Janet,

      Correct, you will need to create a YouTube video to place inside your presentation.

      Currently, SlideShare only allows YouTube videos to be embedded inside the presentation. You might be able to upload a regular video, but you would have to subscribe to a paid account. The process I show above is 100% free!

  3. Steve is absolutely correct, the only means to use SlideShare is to upgrade to Pro.

    This wasn’t the case before, but I’ve clarified this by contacting users who post a video
    on their Linkedin profile who use SlideShare.

    There may be other possibilities though. One example is that Linkedin has been working with the possibility of using Google apps. Keep checking with Linkedin answers,
    because this embed/post a video question is posed often on the Linkedin question and answers section.

    • Ed,

      He is not correct. It seems like SlideShare had some issues on their end, and still do since the videos just hang in a Google Chrome Browser (they are aware of this and trying to fix it). But, the video on my profile is playing just fine inside of IE & FireFox and I have a free account.

  4. Thanks Eric for sharing this information. I was always wondering how they had videos in LinkedIn Profiles. I came to your site via Linked Strategies and I’m only just discovering what features you can add on to your profile. Cheers for the helping hand.

  5. Bryan Yohananov on said:

    Hi Eric,
    I tried to upload a video. Seems they are upgrading at the moment.

    We are upgrading to a better experience. For the time being, we are not accepting any new signups through this app.


    • Hey Florin,

      You can do this, but then it won’t automatically play on the profile…and to view the video the profile visitors will have to download your video. I think the SlideShare option is a much better way to go for this…

  6. Bruce Graham on said:

    Hi Eric,

    This is great info, I wouldn’t have known where to begin or even that it was possible.

    I also got the ;

    “We are upgrading to a better experience. For the time being, we are not accepting any new signups through this app.”

    But that was because I didn’t follow your steps exactly. Once I did, it went through with no problems.

    Thanks again,


  7. Thanks for the tip Eric, I’ll give it a try. To other readers — take a few moments to add some content to your slideshow as well. There really are not that many of these on LinkedIn yet (although Eric is single-handedly changing that, ha ha), what a great opportunity to showcase yourself through a few extra slides beyond the video — in case they realize there’s more content there…

    Thanks again Eric!

  8. Looks like they may have moved some things around inside LinkedIn. I signed-up for slideshare on their site as you instructed, but when I added the application in LinkedIn I had to take a few extra steps:
    1) After I added the application I was required to then select it from the list under the More menu;
    2) I think had to click”+ Link your SlideShare account” before I could type in my username and password. But then it worked great!

  9. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find the means to post videos within a group page or group profile… do you know if this is possible?

  10. Jungle on said:

    Did hundred thousands variations on this one! Can not manage still ;( Point 8 is not accepting – ‘before slide 1’. I can put it after slide 1 and even something strange after slide – 0 ! But nor before slide 1.
    When I ‘m accepting this option it is automatically goes back to – After slide 1 and I can’t do anything about that!

    Any cure for that one?


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