A Small But Powerful Tip for Your LinkedIn Profile

This Post Has Been Updated For The New LinkedIn Profiles

A Small But Powerful Tip for Your LinkedIn Profile
When creating/editing your LinkedIn profile there is a section called “Websites” which can be found under the “Contact Info” drop-down section on your profile.

Here is where you can find that section:

1. When you log into your LinkedIn account, hover over the “Profile” link on the top toolbar and click “Edit Profile”.

2. Once your on your profile page, click on the “Edit Contact Info” button below and to the right of your image.

3. This will drop-down a new box and you should see a section called “Websites”. Click on the pencil icon next to “Websites” and this will open the section to edit.

The list contains:

Most LinkedIn users will choose either personal website or company website.  But, this is NOT what you should choose when adding your website(s).  Instead, you want to select “Other”…Why?  Because, when you select “Other” from the drop-down list, a new field will open up called “Website Title”.

Now, instead of a link on your profile that reads “Company Website” or “Personal Website” you can have a link on your profile with your keyword or an intriguing website title!

For example, if you’re a Dentist, wouldn’t you rather have a link on your profile that says “The Best Dentist in Town!” which links back to your website…instead of a boring link that says “Company Website”?  Or, another idea is if you sell a product, lets say jackets, and you’re running a special monthly promotion for 25% off…you can say “25% off Winter Jackets” instead of “Personal Website”.

Hopefully, you see the advantage of using your own unique title for this strategy. Plus, it’s also a great way to have a powerful backlink using your targeted keywords for your website. (this is a SEO strategy)

I hope this makes sense…but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below!

To Your Success,

Eric Davis
Internet Marketing Solutions Group
“We Help You Get More Customers By Getting Your Business Found Online!”

24 thoughts on “A Small But Powerful Tip for Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Georgie Oates on said:

    This is a great tip Eric! My goal 3 years ago was to set up my website, which is on top of my list this year. I will definitely keep this in mind when I get myself organised!!

    • Hi Diana,

      Please try this.

      1. Hover over profile and click “Edit Profile” from the drop-down list.
      2. Under your photo and to the right, click on “Edit Contact Info”.
      3. A new box will open and near the bottom of that box you should see “Websites”
      4. Click the pencil icon to edit your websites.

      Please let me know if that works for your profile.

  2. Thanks eric, great tip. Is there a way of having your websites displayed to people visiting your profile automatically without them having to click your ‘contact info’?

  3. Wow – I just signed up for this LinkedIn group, and the first tip I get is great! I’ve always wondered if I could do this. Now I just have to figure out how to get more than 3 websites up on LI!

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